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Business Description

At David Howard we are driven by providing first class service levels to our clients. Our unique business structure of an overseas branch office, with qualified Accountants working through advanced systems has  allowed us to free our UK Staff to be 100% focused on understanding and responding to our client needs.

How we translate this into good service;

Direct lines - for all clients to Partners and Managers. Just call and we will respond quickly and efficiently.

Regular two way communication - We want to be in contact with you on a regular basis, to gain understanding and be able to help you, pre-empt problems, work at positive developments for you, not just dealing with historic compliance work and fire fighting.

Shared Information – efficiency and clarity of systems and information means that time is well directed. Meaningful discussions and decisions flow out of up to date well presented information and reports, which we can regularly share over the internet on cloud, hosting, or remote access sessions.

More Meeting time – the systems based approach actually means we can have more time for meetings. But these are relevant and productive. We often use a combination to maintain the best value, and tailored to needs.

Quick Turnaround – we like to ensure that core data is clean, so compliance services are quick and easy, and kept to a minimum cost. We also manage workflows to complete work quickly – so no late filing fees, matters dealt with while fresh, and acted on so business and other decisions made promptly.

Advice – Of course by the ethic of what has been listed above we are working with current information, we can see business trends, we can understand where pitfalls may be coming, and try to mitigate tax liabilities before they arise.

Our Team

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