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Company:Your Finance Friend Limited
Category:Vehicle & Asset Finance
Address:18 Nuffield Drive

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Business Description

Asset Finance and Vehicle Finance Specialist

Car Leasing is in our DNA - The key to Your Finance Friend is in the third word ‘Friend’. We want to be ALWAYS fair, transparent, honest and helpful to our suppliers, customers, and contacts along the path. We design all our contact points, services and behaviours around clarity of information, and good honest consulting to ensure everyone is better off for the exchange. All the above sounds like a soundbite you would get from any company; it is not. Actually putting the ‘Friend’ into practice in an industry where it has become very impersonal, distant and under resourced with people, we have had to work extremely hard in creating this business. The results we hope you will find are impressive. We pledge to always give you our best advise and support. . . and if we have a service that can benefit you, we will make sure you thoroughly understand the offering and where if fits.




BUSINESS FUNDING We help business to grow by working with them to finance their future growth through refinancing, releasing capital, funding asset purchases like plant, machinery, vehicles, infrastucture, ideas.

Why us? Because we are independent. We know how to align their needs to funders. We save them time and cost. For many companies this will take them from a single source (their bank?) to multiple possibilities all competing for their business.

VEHICLES New or used? Big or small? Fitted out? As many of us know, it can be a nightmare choosing a vehicle, then getting it specified the way that we want it. Funders and manufacturers come to us with offers, discounts and special deals that we can pass on to you.

CARS You would think that this would be an easy decision, but with manufacturers producing multiple variations for each model, using different terms for the same thing, things can get complicated. Then what about accessories, towing, emissions, legisaltion, the environment? Oh, what about the dog, do we need a cage? You get the idea!

PICKUPS Great combination of family transport and workhorse. Watch out for legislation changes, especially to with load capacities and tax.

VANS This is where it can get complex. We know what we are talking about and consider aspects of the vehicle that may get missed. Things like loading, capacity, passenger protection, vehicle protection, branding, specialist fitting-out, legal requirements. New or used, we can find the right vehicle at the right price.

HGV's A major capital investment needs funders that understand the complexities of large vehicle purchase, operation, fuel decisions, environmental concerns. We know the market.



Phone : 01299 407127

Industry: Financial Services

Company size: 2-10 employees

Headquarters: Stourport-on-Severn, UK - Worcestershire

Type: Privately Held

Founded: 2019


business funding, car leasing, vehicle finance, asset finance, contract leasing, contract hire, contract purchase, vehicle purchase, refinancing, and capital release

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