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Introductions to HR professionals regarding helping manage sickness and absence of valued employees where Employee Assistance Program has failed,

Business Description

Relationship Breakup, Relationship Breakdown, CBT. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Counselling.

I Turn Survivors into Thrivers

Have you had a relationships breakdown, separation/divorce?

I provide therapy face-to-face and via Zoom. A therapy session costs £100, the duration of sessions is either 60 or 90 minutes, depending on the work required in that session, you pay the same price. You also receive a 15 minute booster call between sessions,

I work with professionals who have had a relationship breakdown. It is perfectly normal to grieve the death of a relationship, there is no specific time that it takes to get through the grieving process. If you are 6 months or more on from the split and you are still having distressing, negative thoughts, and emotions, if it feels like you are still carrying a lot of baggage, and have unfinished business then it is time to get help

I was in a relationship for 22 years before separating and then divorcing.

  • Have you lost confidence?
  • Is your performance at home, or at work, suffering?
  • Are your relationships suffering?
  • Does it feel as if everything you loved and valued has been lost?
  • Have you lost a sense of purpose?
  • Are you having distressing thoughts and emotions?


I will use my expertise as a Cognitive Behaviour Therapist to help you:

I will help you:

  • Reinvent yourself

  • Regain confidence

  • Set new goals to maximise your pleasure in doing what you love doing.

  • Improve and sustain important relationships

  • Rekindle your sense of purpose

  • Function well in everyday life and n work

  • Drop negative thoughts

  • Return you emotions to their normal level

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) is an effective treatment for all of these issues

My Recommendations

John is very approachable, I feel very relaxed with him, and I don't gel with men. I feel like I have known him forever, I have told him things I have never told anyone. He is really calm, he never judges me. He treats me as an individual, he never tells me what to do, and he asks my opinion. I had some therapists, in the past, who made me feel like a textbook case. His experience shines through. He really listens to me, he doesn't forget what we talked about the week before.

Working with John has really improved my motivation. I am overcoming my fears, and the things I have been avoiding. I am reconnecting with all the people I have lost touch with, and I am building a daily routine, it’s improving my mood. If I was in a low mood at the start of a session, I always felt positive at the end of it. My mood is far better now. I have learned a lot about myself and why I have the issues I do. There were tasks to do between sessions and I found these essential to my progress.

I'm lucky to get such a good therapist.

from Anne Waddington from Private Client

Accreditations & Qualifications


BA Psychology

RNMH (Nursing)

Level 2 Counselling Skills

City and Guilds 7307 Teaching Certificate

Certificate in Management Studies

Pg.Dip Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapies


B.A.B.C.P accreditation in process