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Is your security not up to standard, but worried about costs? I can show you how to improve yours security at an affordable cost.

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Business Description

For the cost of a cup of coffee, I will give you a free no obligation quote and advise on how to improve your security.  I can show you how to save you money on your security systems.  As your security provider, I will help you protect your assets, property and staff. 

We understand that blood; sweat and tears go into building a business.  So when it comes to fire and security risks, it doesn’t matter how big or small your business is – the stakes are always high.

Fire or theft causes damage to premises, equipment, stock and data, which can disrupt your business for lengthy periods of time and affect something even more valuable – your reputation.  That’s why 80% of businesses affected by a major incident either never reopen, or close within 18 months.


  • An unparalleled deterrent – 93% of burglars asked said they would avoid properties with an ADT alarm.
  • Lightning reactions – we respond to 80% of intruder alarms within 30 second.
    • Did you know? 64% of small businesses have been a victim of crime over the last twelve months.


  • Legal assurance – we can offer guidance on fulfilling the legal requirement, as neglecting them can lead to heavy fines or worse.
    • Did you know? That it is law that if there are more than 5 people working in your company including directors and members that you need a risk assessment done.
  • Never off duty – our systems protect you, your staff and your business, whether you’re on site or not.
    • Did you know? 67% of fires happen when the premises are unoccupied.


  • A visible deterrent – let everyone outside and inside your company know that criminals and opportunists have nowhere to hide.
  • Safety and peace of mind – protect your business, employees and customers around the clock, whether you are working on site or remotely.  You can view your cameras on your smart devise anywhere in world, evening while you are in bed or the bath.
    • Did you know? 41% of businesses feel that CCTV cameras provide peace of mind.


  • Secure premises – create a constant, physical barrier for time when the intruder alarm is switched off.
  • Deter opportunists – stop employee and walk-in theft from stock rooms, cash offices, and IT server rooms containing sensitive data.
    • Did you know? That your access control system can be used as a clocking system for time and attendance.


  • Instant protection – stops any intruder within seconds.  You can’t steal what you can’t see.
  • Damage Limitation – as the intruder is removed so quickly, damage to stock premises is drastically reduced.
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  • The choice is yours – we offer three different levels of maintenance that best suit your budget.  Standard – Standard Plus – Comprehensive.
  • Callout Response – our current response time to any of our clients in the South is 3 hours 42 minutes.
    • Did you know? That most faults can be sorted out remotely within 13 minutes.


  • Keeping cash flow strong – we can offer you a leasing option from 12 months all the way up to 60 months
  • Tax rebates – you can receive a tax rebate on any leasing option.
    • Example, see the example below.

Your company is a sole trader, in profit. You take lease over 3 years.

You purchase a system to the value of £5000

After interest is added you repayment £6410

Your rebate calculated at 40% will be £2564

Your net cost to your business will be £3846.

A massive saving for your business of £1154


Accreditations & Qualifications

NSI GOLD (across all disciplines)

BSIA (British security industry association)

FIA (Fire Industry Asociation)