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Sahota Newcomb Scott Solicitors Legal Services/Solicitor
ME16 8HS
We specialise in Dispute Resolution and Litigation for Individuals and Companies - Don't wait for a problem to get out of hand - give me a call first!

Business Description

We are a firm of solicitors that specialise in dispute resolution and avoidance. We can help with any dispute whether it is about a debt you are owed, protecting your intellectual property, somebody's Will, property or a boundary, family or a contract. We are able to offer expertise and advice in all areas of dispute resolution or litigation. We are also able to offer advice on how you or your business can put yourself in the best position to avoid or protect yourself form any potential dispute that may arise. 

My Recommendations

We had a new client recently who needed the urgent services of a solicitor to advise them on a new contract. Gareth's firm DMB Law did a very good job at a competitive price and our client was pleased. Gareth's approach means that you get the best advice which may save you money in the long run. I will not hesitate to use him and his firm again.

from Richard Jones

I have now had a number of reasons to contact Gareth for advice and each time he has been able to give a solution to the issue. I would recommend him to anyone who needs a solicitor for advice. His ethos is that by calling him before you decide to take any action will save you a lot in the long run.

from Richard Jones

Accreditations & Qualifications

Solicitors Advocate and fully accredited Mediator