Matthew Cowell-MIAB, STRATA

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STRATA Bookkeeping
154 Grasmere Road
TN24 9BJ
From Start Ups to established businesses & individuals who need to file their taxes. MTD for Income Tax advice for the self employed.

What's Happening?

Business Description

All businesses need to keep accurate accounts, it's a legal requirement. The time needed to complete this task will depend on the unique make up of the business. However, as a business grows, it will become apparent that the time has come to employ the services of a bookkeeper.

Time spent (or not spent) on bookkeeping duties will be the tell tale sign. Time that a business owner could put to better use doing what they do best, driving their business forward.

Mounting paperwork, rushing to get VAT Returns completed, using evenings or weekends to catch up or even, not having time to complete any bookkeeping tasks can only mean one thing...


Strata can provide the right amount of support to keep things on an even keel allowing more time and head space for a business owner to grow their business or spend time doing the things they enjoy doing.

My Recommendations

Matthew has been helping with my book-keeping, preparing my accounts for my accountant and my Receipt Bank bank software. Since commencing with his help the annual stress of doing my accounts has become a thing of the past :-D
I highly recommend Matthew to anyone who works for themselves and has to submit accounts to their accountant.

from Timothy Marris

I have been working closely with Matt over the past 10 months since joining BoB and have found his client care to be outstanding. He really gets involved with the issues to limit adverse exposure going forward and when involved from the outset can implement excellent control mechanisms to mitigate the chance of problems before they occur. I would highly recommend Matt for all your bookkeeping support.

from Andrew Vanburen

Accreditations & Qualifications

AAT Level 3 Diploma

IAB Level 2 Certificate

Sage 50 Level 2 Certificate

Level 2 Certificate Business & Administration