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Looking for business owners/individuals going into business that need support and guidance on their views & approaches to running their business

What's Happening?

Business Description

Are you stuck in you progressing your business?

Could you benefit from expert support with a fresh view on how to move your business forward?

Would you like to substantially increase your profits?

Do you know where you want to be in your business but not sure how to get there?

The SYSTEMS for Business Programme will address these needs by:

Providing a 12-month programme that provides all the knowledge, skills and behaviours needed to successfully change your mind and therefore change your business.

Creating strong peer support throughout the programme and the opportunity to make life-long business colleagues and friends.

Providing regular feedback and support from your SYSTEMS for Business Programme Coach.

Providing a Facebook support group for all programme members.

Plus much much more…….


Growth247 transforms successful people into great people. We are experts in changing people’s mindsets and unleashing their full potential to enable them all to become the best and most successful person that they could be.

The problem many companies have is that they promote those employees who are fantastic at their specialism, but they are not good enough at managing systems and leading people, and then we have Managers who want to become Business Owners and Leaders.  All these transformations require fundamental shifts in who they think they are and what they believe they are responsible for.

Becoming a Leader or Manager – the reality.

Did you know that 2 out of 3 millennials plan to quit their current by in the next few years and take on more leadership roles?

A recent study found that companies make the wrong choice in selecting managers 82% of the time. The study also found that Managers account for 70% of employees’ issues with engagement. Low employee engagement leads to low productivity, which is bad news for the bottom line.

Research from CMI has found that 71% of UK organisations admit they fail to effectively train first-time Managers. Nearly half of UK managers (45.1 percent) are ill-prepared for the role, and a quarter (25 percent) of employees say their Manager does not have the right skills for effective management.

The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) has estimated the cost of poor Management and Leadership to the UK economy at £19bn a year through lost productivity.

Setting up your own business – some facts

64% of the UK workforce wants to set up a business. 83% of 18 – 24 year olds dream of self-employment. London, Yorkshire and West Midlands are the UK’s capitals of aspiring entrepreneurs. Men are far more confident than women that they’ll start a business

What’s standing in people’s Way?

43% of aspiring entrepreneurs don’t believe they will set up their businesses.

1 in 10 budding business founders put off by Brexit.

Men worry more about competition and failure, where women worry about not feeling qualified enough or having the relevant skills.

¼ of aspiring British entrepreneurs are put off by fear of stress.

Women are significantly less confident in their business dreams.

The problem they all have is that being just great at your job doesn’t always mean that you will be great at leading a team or running your own business.  This leads to the problem that 33% of SMEs fail within 2 years of start-up.  One of the 4 top reasons that SMEs fail is the lack of business acumen; this comes up in just about every survey in why business’s fail.

The fundamental answer to these problems is changing people’s mindset.  Give them the belief and confidence to be successful Managers, Leaders and Business Owners.  The change in mindset will lead to people viewing their new roles as very different from their previous roles and then this new frame of reference will then start them on the road to gaining knowledge, skills and behaviours that will enable them to be very successful in their new role and therefore not be one of the 82% of Managers who fail and on the 71% of Managers who have not taken advantage of training and associated knowledge gain.

This is where Growth247 comes in because we deliver programmes that will enable your people to develop and ultimately change their mindset into the one they now need rather than the one they once had.

Accreditations & Qualifications

B.Sc. (Hons) Degree in Technology (2:1)

Diploma in Performance Coaching (Business)

Certificate in Life Coaching

CIPD Core Management (Level 7)


Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) - Post-Compulsory Education & Training