Michael Best, Crescent Digital Services Limited

Crescent Digital Services Limited IT Support Services
We are looking for referrals for companies that currently either have no IT service or someone looking to replace / compare their current offering.

Business Description

We provide IT support, bespoke software development, app development, website re/design work, network security, telephony, server maintenance, SEO / advertising, business process mapping and Virtual Assistant services to other businesses anywhere.

My Recommendations

Michael is very generous in sharing his knowledge. In just a few minutes whilst chatting with him, waiting for the BoB's Big Breakfast Monday Zoom to start, he taught me how to suppress unwanted pop-up ads appearing in Google searches. I didn't know it was possible to do this. It's made a big difference for me.

from Hedley Basford

Michael bailed me out after losing Broadband connectivity and he acted speedily and efficiently. I explained my IT limitations and proved it, I believe, beyond all reasonable doubt! He not only dealt with the issue, he cleaned and speeded up my laptop's operation. I can safely recommend Michael unreservedly and enthusiastically!

from Mike Cruse from Symmetry Security Services Ltd.,