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Green Breeze Ambient

Green Breeze Ambient Ambience creator

Business Description

What we do:

We provide fragrance ambience service to public areas, our client varies from Casinos to retail shops.

About us:

Green Breeze Ambient are a professional ambience creator, specialising in adding luxury fragrance to designated areas. We tailor all our systems to match each and every client’s requirements and have over 1,000 installations within the Asia Pacific region. Our Head Office is based in Macau, China with regional offices in Beijing, Tianjin and Chengdu and our newly Europe office in London with clients stretching as far as the Middle East, we can offer service and products to any gl

Accreditations & Qualifications

"Fragrance is nice and subtle"
~ Client visiting an International Hotel


"Like the atmosphere, just like home"
~ A businessman having a coffee in a lounge.


With the Scent applied, our client feels more comfortable during shopping.
~ Shopping center in Macau