Bob Riddler, Business Doctors

Business Doctors Business Coach
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Any business owner looking to improve performance, build value or manage change.

Business Description

I provide advice, guidance and experience to owners and managing directors looking for a step-change in their business performance.

Our core proposition is the creation of a sustainable, realistic and measurable business plan and strategy which connects the business owner’s personal aspirations to the performance and outcomes of their business. We will walk through a wide range of internal and external influences, behaviours and aspects of the client’s business with the intention of driving out focus and awareness of where the client is, what they are best at and how to get what they want from their organisation.

In addition, and often in support of the above, we offer a range of additional business services from the provision of non-exec director and financial director services, mentoring and coaching through change and project management to recruitment planning and team profiling all intended to help the business owner succeed. Where specialist help is required, we will work with partner organisations to deliver a solution tailored to the client’s needs and budget.

Accreditations & Qualifications

20 years in senior corporate roles (business unit management or vice president posts)

BSc in Electrical and Electronic Engineering

FT Non-Executive Director Diploma

University of Oxford Fintech Programme

Investor and Director in start-up businesses and franchise owner/operator