Will Woodhouse, Fix My Broken Mac

Business Description

I have been working with Macs since I was 17, that is 31 years!! It is safe to say that I know the Mac industry inside out. Many of our Birmingham competitors have been in the business less than 5 years, some as little as a year. I have a wealth of experience in working with the creative industry to supply and support their Apple equipment. I have particular experience with integrating Macs into predominantly Windows based environments and am just as happy talking to a home user as I am an IT director.

I started my first Mac business over 20 years ago to predominantly help business users in the creative industries. I provided technical support for when things went wrong and consultancy service to help people plan and grow their Apple based IT infrastructure.

FixMyBrokenMac was born in 2016 when I spotted a need for an alternative to the Apple Store for the home and business user. I wanted to provide an Apple level of customer experience but at a more affordable price point.

If you have an Apple based need, there is a strong chance we can help, whether its that you need a refurbished MacBook or have spilled wine all over your new shiny one.

If it was designed by Apple in California, it can be repaired by FixMyBrokenMac in Digbeth