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Coaches, HR Senior Leaders, Educators, Therapists & Counsellors who wish to expand their service by accessing Accredited NLP Training.

What's Happening?

Business Description

NLP, NLP Coaching, NLP Training, Hypnotherapy, Bolton, Greater Manchester, Lancashire.

Change with confidence

Business owners, coaches and leaders use my services to take back control of their life work balance, find an improved mindset and reconnect to self worth with 100% success

I work with teams to realign, rebalance and reset relationships to get success with confidence.

Overview of personal development services


  • Overcome anxiety to be your best self and live in the present
  • Overcome Imposter Syndrome to deliver your best performance


  • Move through change with confidence 
  • Find a healthy work life balance - be 'in the room' for work, be 'in the room' for your family
  • Release all that heavy negative emotional baggage weighing you down to reset yourself
  • Reconnect to your inner resources to beat low mood

Fears and Phobias

  • Fear of flying - fly with confidence
  • Fear of public speaking or presenting - talk with confidence

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Certified NLP Training

Essential for Business owners, leaders and coaches. For existing coaches wanting to gain more diversity of skills and services and those wanting to start out in coaching. Complete the ABNLP  and ABH board accredited Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) training delivered by a certified Trainer of NLP. Benefits are twofold - Become a master of language, communication and smash your personal boundaries. Experience NLP and its techniques as a participant on this highly interactive, intensive course. There are four certifications available and can be completed on either our full eight day programme or complete the NLP Practitioner and Coach certifications on our five day Coach Practitioner Training. Either way, invest in yourself to get the results you desire.

NLP Practitioner

NLP Coach

Time Line Therapy®

Practitioner of Hypnosis

Struggling for time?  Consider our new diploma in NLP or join me on our introductory events 'Unlock Your Potential' to experience NLP for yourself. To arrange a discussion or assess your individual needs, please get in touch

My Recommendations

Attended Rod's 'Boost' event on 23/02/2021...

Absolutely loved it! I've come away feeling re-motivated with more energy to move forward through business and in my personal life. I wouldn't have believed it was possible to re-energise the body with a few simple techniques but thanks to the event, I can now use these on a daily basis.

Although the main aim of the event was to 're-energise', I've also come away with such a better understanding of how my mind/brain works. I know for certain this will help me when I'm feeling overwhelmed, tired, frustrated with my business and not knowing why but now also how to deal with the change and keep moving forward!

Would highly recommend future events. Rod makes the event suit everyone and I think for any professionals who are feeling overwhelmed or that things aren't going their way in business or personal affairs, definitely worth checking out!

Thanks Rod for a great event and I look forward to the next!

from James Deveney

I recently recommended Rod to someone who had a severe injections phobia. In anticipation of needed a Covid-19 vaccination, it has been a troubling time for him. Even the thought of a needle would make him feel like he was going to pass out. After just one session, with Rod, he was able to watch a video of someone having an injection. If you don't suffer from a phobia, this may not seem significant. Believe me, this is a massive step forward. I feel confident that with Rod's support, he will be able to have his vaccination without fear and stress. Thank you, Rod, you're amazing! The success in helping him has been immense. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommended Rod to anyone who wants to overcome a phobia.

from Tracy Heatley

Accreditations & Qualifications

NLP Certified Trainer

NLP Certified Trainer in Hypnosis

NLP Certified Trainer in Time Line Therapy®

NLP Certified Trainer in NLP Coach

Licensed Change Readiness Indicator® facilitator

ILM Coach

Chartered CIPD

NLP Master Practitioner

NLP Master Practitioner Time Line Therapy®

NLP Master Practitioner Coach

NLP Master Practitioner Hypnosis

NLP Practitioner in Advanced Hypnosis

NLP Practitioner

NLP Practitioner of Hypnosis

NLP Practitioner of Time Line Therapy® 

NLP Coach Practitioner

BA (Hons)

MBTI Practitioner

Strength Deployment Inventory Practitioner (Step I and II)