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Living Life Now
Member of the Bromsgrove BoB Club

Living Life Now Health & Wellbeing
Chapel Mews
I am looking for individuals or employees that need help to deal with anxiety, stress, overwhelm, lack of direction, relationships, fear and trauma.

Business Description

Do you feel that something is holding you back? Do you have even more to give? Are you feeling stuck? Have you lost your identity, passion or feel guilty? Are you wanting to feel in optimum health? Have you reached a ceiling in your business and you are getting in your own way? Are you ready for change now?

Great, then let me help you discover your inner brilliance and take total responsibility for your life and dreams. Sounds good doesn’t it.

I have spent my whole life working with people to help them to make changes that they desire to make. This has been an honour and privilege to empower so many people.

My passion is working with people and with the fundamental belief that we have incredible ability and resilience. I can say to you with full integrity that I believe in the power of people to make meaningful change and I am blessed to be the vessel to bring this about through the tools of NLP and Time Line Therapy and other tools and methods that I have gathered through the years. We work quickly and move straight to the solution.

So I’m ready, are you, let’s get started!

With great respect and love

Accreditations & Qualifications

BSc Criminal Justice and Policing

BA Psychology

MA Social Work

Diploma Yoga Teacher

Leadership and Management Diploma

NLP Coach Award, NLP Practitioner Award Time Line Therapist Award