James Marquis, James Marquis Psychology Services

Business Description

Illuminate Psychological Coaching is designed to help you overcome the difficulties which you can find yourself stuck with, and this is achieved through engaging and uplifting techniques. It is also for people that are looking to develop and excel themselves, or their organisation.


With a commitment to contemporary Psychology, I take pride in the progressive ways in which it is possible to achieve lasting and effective change, quickly. Advances in the field of Psychology means that there are now more choices for change other than talking therapies alone. Sure it is good to talk, it always will be, but now it is good to explore too. In whichever way is necessary for the individual situation, I believe in strengthening the qualities which allow people to overcome their problems, go forward, and make the most of their lives. 


With a supportive and encouraging atmosphere, alongside inspiring techniques, it is possible to improve any situation.

My Recommendations

referred a client with anxiety/confidence issues, really helped and transformed her, thank you James!

from Duncan Baldwin

James is knowledgeable, approachable, amiable and professional. He is passionate to help others dealing with internal “battles” to achieve alignment and happiness.

from Adele Cowgill

Accreditations & Qualifications

Psychology BSc Hons, Life Coach Advanced Dip, NLP Practitioner, IEMT Practitioner.