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Business Networking Services Business development consultant
Area Coordinator

Business Description

Business Networking Services provides an additional sales person to companies who either do or do not have a sales force but are looking for incremental sales opportunities. Acting in a part time capacity on a paid retainer basis I utilise my skill sets as a Business Development Manager to find contacts for my clients

My Recommendations

Visit the club and get inspired by Geoff,no matter what you do, where you do it - you will quickly see a specialist performance from a first class business man who possesses all the flair and imagination you could possibly imagine in one individual.

You don't need to buy any prodcts or services on offer from Geoff just attend a meeting and marvel at his skill. When they made Geoff they threw away the mould unfortuntely!

from Alex Turkeltob

Geoff epitomises the image of professionalism in business; experienced, well versed and one who selflessly shares leads in order to promote your own business growth. Recently Geoff introduced us to Tony Scott 'Retail Spa' [Stratford Upon Avon Club] to help us grow our bespoke jewellery & fashion company; Tam Vo Co Ltd, an introduction that quite simply led to a phenomenal business relationship!! Gifted with an easy, approachable manner and great sense of humour, Geoff Roberts is a man for all seasons in business. If you have not spoken to him already about joining a BOB Club in your area then you need to pick up the phone TODAY!!

from Mike Groves