Richard Frazer, Your Finance Friend Limited

18 Nuffield Drive
Want to help businesses that are looking to purchase large vans or factory machinery, or looking to raise capital for a growth project
Regional Director

What's Happening?

Business Description

Good Morning I’m Richard Frazer from Your Finance Friend and the Regional Director for Business over Breakfast (BoB Clubs)

In my capacity with Your Finance Friend I help businesses purchase large machines and equipment that they otherwise cannot afford and also help them find investment capital in their business or through direct loans.  

What do we do?

Well we help people choose the right assets, through the right purchase methods with the right funders and in a way that our customers are fully in control and understand the services they use. We also give the ability where possible for the customers to change their contracts throughout the  operating life of the contract and item purchased to match their current circumstances. Businesses are constantly changing and so should the purchase contracts to suit their needs.       and in doing so we help them drive down the costs and administration of running them,       while at the same time we help reduce their tax burden by making better choices.

So, if you know a    person    or business     buying items they cannot directly afford they need to speak to me,      and I will happily give them free advice to save them time and money,     and actually take the stress and confusion out of buying a vehicle.

It’s Richard Frazer from Your Finance Friend, Local Fleet Expert, with national buying power