Recommendations that Richard Frazer has given

Nicky has worked with us to review employment contracts, produce staff handbooks, look at various policies and procedures and we will be using her services as we recruit new staff in the next 6 months. Nicky has been very patient, thoroughly professional and delivered speedy services with a smile. I cannot recommend her enough and we look forward to growing as a charity with her input and help.

by Keith Hearnshaw

Keith is a expert in saving families and businesses money on their utilities and everyday shopping bills. He genuinely cares about the people he meets and is a great character to meet. If you have not explored your bill costs in a while, give him a shout as it is painless and simple and the savings can be very impressive.

by Elaine Meredith

Absolutely love Hussingtree Gin. Very smooth and subtle blends in beautiful bottles made great gifts.

Absolutely worth a gift to a friend, family. . . or wife :)

Sam is an expert in understanding business telephonic systems, and how to provide the right solution to a business that is cost effective and which enhances/compliments the users work experiences and work loads . He is easy to get on with and I would always trust Sam to quickly identify the best solution and get it from concept quote to being installed

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