Matthew Bugby, Dynamix Accountancy

Dynamix Accountancy Accountant
Dane John Works,
Gordon Road
I'm looking for clients in the professional services sector who want accounting and business advice which goes beyond just the end of year reporting

Business Description

Offering high quality Accounting, Bookkeeping, Payroll, Tax and Consulting services, Dynamix Accountancy are based in Canterbury, Kent.

Dynamix accountants work to year end accountancy rather than deadline accountancy. We write to each client the day after their year-end and ask them to send in their information, and we explain what it is we need. We then write to them again one month later and send a copy of the original letter. After this, we telephone the client and encourage them to get us the information we need. This lends itself to clients providing us with the information we need earlier than they might normally. This in turn allows us to provide them with relevant support, guidance and advice as well time to budget for tax bills etc.