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by Kim Knowles

Dan was very helpfull and diligent when dealing with my customers quotes and is a great guy!

Dan and his team built a patio for us and we've really enjoyed using it. Dan listened to what we wanted and gave us estimates based on the different materials that we could use so that we knew what was within budget. The use of their 'Watchit Build' app was brilliant as we saw very quickly when something wasn't quite as we discussed and this meant it could be put right very quickly. Very happy to recommend Dan and his team.

by Sarah Selzer

Dan and his team carried out some excellent work on our house in Guildford, including extensive roof and chimney work for ourselves and our neighbours. Trustworthy, reliable, clean, polite and good at their jobs. That’s HSL all over!

by Chris Webb

I asked Dan to come and look at a crack in the wall of my home and he not only came round very quickly, arriving at the agreed time, and presented a very professional opinion in an understandable way. Very impressed and will use for all my future building needs.

by Sarah Selzer

I can thoroughly recommend the service of Dan Hall and his company HSL Building Services. It concerned my own home - we had been given a quote to fix what we thought was a leak in our roof and Dan took one look at it and gave some excellent - and free! - advice. It didn't need a wholesale repair, just a few loose tiles securing and a bit of paint in the bathroom. Excellent!

by Diana Meade

Having visited Dan on site at a customers project I was most impressed, having 12 staff on site that day they were all courteous and polite and the rules that Dan drills into them give the right impression, having heard Dan talk about the site rules was one thing but to see them in action was impressive!
I have also met with Dan's Client who was full of Praise and I have no hesitation in recommending him for large and small Projects, give him a call.

by Mike Cruse

Our company requested Dan to quote in a short time scale and with minimal information. Despite these restrictions, Dan produced a full, informative and thoroughly professional quotation which only served to justify the recommendation that had been made about his operation. We hope to use Dan and his team on this project if we win it and would not hesitate to request quotes from Dan in the future and neither should you, dear reader!

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