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Have you got customers who are refusing to pay for works you have carried out to their satisfaction? Give us a call to see if we can help get the
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What's Happening?

Business Description

C.M.P. is owned and managed by Martin Fowler who has over 20 years’ experience in credit and debt management. A member of the Institute of Credit Management (M.I.C.M.), Martin has extensive experience in both consumer and trade credit.

In 1998, he joined a major finance house as a team leader responsible for 20 credit controllers. By introducing a series of innovative new consumer credit management initiatives, Martin successfully improved both the efficiency of the department and the cash flow of the business.

In 2000, his career path changed from Consumer Credit to Trade Credit, where he began working for a software house that specialised in helpdesk solutions. With the introduction and implementation of structured processes and procedures throughout the business, it ensured the company complied with UK legislation, therefore safeguarding the company from potential litigation. 

These included: 

  • Contract Law,
  • Copyright Law covering Copyright Act of 1811 amended by the Copyright, Patent and Design Act of 1984,
  • Bernes Convention Treaty,
  • T.R.I.P.S. (Trade Related aspects of Intellectual Property Rights)
  • W.T.O. (World Trade Organisation)I successfully improved the efficiency, customer profile and the cash flow of the business.  

In addition, the DSO (Daily Sales Outstanding) fell from 300 days to a fluctuating 45-60 days within 2 years, which was achieved by reviewing the collection strategies. As a result this increased the company profile for customer service and made the finance department and the business as a whole more efficient and effective. As the company grew, the relevant processes and procedures were reviewed to cater for the needs of the business without blemishing the re-established company profile.

My Recommendations

We all get them from time to time – the customer that won’t pay up!
Martin from Credit Management Professionals came in to our office and talked us through our options gave us some expert advice on the way forward how to deal with this ‘bandit’, being beyond his usual props of pink fluffy handbag or London brick! Fingers crossed that we get a result - time will tell. In the year of email ping pong we doubt very much that it will happen overnight but hopefully in following a concise procedure we maintain our professional appearance to all concerned especially if it goes to court.
I should add that during this visit, Martin was extremely helpful with advice on our standard operating procedures, and we will be adopting a more streamlined approach in our future dealings with clients, matching our usual high standards of workmanship now with high standards of back office functions.
AND, above all of that, Martin used his powers of persuasion to sign Gr8 Property up to BOB – so winners all round!!

from Jayne Baldwin

Again Martin has acted quickly to retrieve a long standing debt from a (former) client. In this instance I was at my wits end, and his calmness, knowledge of the law and reassurance were welcome. Martin simply knows how to do this well, do not hesitate to call him if you find yourself owed money. Highly highly recommended.

from Ingrid Weel

Martin's charges are far more reasonable than you would expect. And its amazing what a well written letter from the correct source can achieve. I would have not hesitation in recommending Martin to others.

from David Morton from SHPC

Accreditations & Qualifications

Over 20 year experience in Credit Management

I.C.M. Qualified and hold the Professional Status of M.I.C.M. (Member of the Institute of Credit Management)