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Kim Parker
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Kim Parker Life/Executive Coaching
I'd love to be introduced to hubs who have contact with professionals of any type, as my unique coaching could be invaluable to them

Business Description

Mindset Coaching can create new horizons for the individual. I'm not just an ordinary life coach. If you’re an unfulfilled professional who is yearning for deeper meaning and a sense of purpose… or for work/life to be different from how it is now… I ‘get’ you! Message me to book an exploratory 1:1 chat. 

Breathwork led by an experienced breathwork facilitator is extraordinarily powerful for healing, trauma release, relaxation, motivation, intuition, focus, clarity, creativity and more... breathwork is amongst the services that I offer. 

Retreats are also available at The Heart Centre, my dedicated retreat space in a beautiful location in rural Herefordshire. Why not enquire about my private 1:1 retreats (and be added to my waiting list)?



Accreditations & Qualifications

Accredited as a master coach by:

1. Natural Success and

2. The International Authority for Professional Coaching and Mentoring.