Lyn Pankhurst, Utility Warehouse

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Utility Warehouse
Member of the Ipswich BoB Club
Utility Warehouse Gas, Electricity and other services
6 Firefly Way
Who do you know who would like to save money on their monthly bills and make £300 a month without affecting their existing job?

Business Description

As an Authorised Distributor holding the position of Team Leader with the Utility Warehouse Discount Club I can personally recommend the SAVINGS, SIMPLICITY and SERVICE of the company. 

Savings - I show people how to SAVE money on their monthly bills for phone, internet, energy, food and petrol.

Simplicity - We do everything, no need to contact individual companies to facilitate the switch. We provide all your services on one simple bill.

Service - Every member has myself as their personal representative available to help at any time, together with our Award Winning Customer Service.

I can also show people how to MAKE extra money in their spare time, whether they are 18 years or 80 years, so they have more time to do the things they enjoy without it affecting their existing job.