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NAC Coaching Ltd
Member of the Ipswich BoB Club

NAC Coaching Ltd Business & Personal Performance Coach
13 Furness Close
To help individuals and teams in the East of England to be confident and increase their motivation, focus and productivity as well as improve their
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Business Description

Confidence and performance coach, licensed NLP practitioner and unique workshop provider working with executives, teams and individuals.

I help business owners and their staff to perform at their best whilst ensuring that mind and body are healthy, confident and energised, thus increasing productivity and profits.

I help individuals to have clarity, energy, confidence and motivation to achieve in life and work.

I also help those studying to pass their exams from GCSE to professional studies and I work with young people on combatting peer pressure and barriers to motivation and confidence

Creating confidence in all areas of work and life, motivation, increase performance, work smarter and release creativity and genius.

Health and well being programmes under


Accreditations & Qualifications

Licensed NLP practitioner and qualified confidence and performance coach.

Qualified Trainer.

Health and Well being practitioner and trainer