Brian Rocks, VersaTel Solutions Limited

VersaTel Solutions Limited Business Telecommunications
5 Liberty Square
Kings Hill
West Malling
ME19 4AU
Looking to support local businesses who want to work with a local independent telecommunications company. Bottom line, when our clients grow, we grow.

Business Description

Thanks for looking at our profile. At VersaTel Solutions we believe in working in partnership with micro, small & medium businesses. And that the more you put into a partnership, the more you should get back. 

That 'more you get back' is what we at VersaTel call versatility.

  • ONE bill & direct debit, ONE, UK support number, ONE relationship for mobile, Internet connectivity, inbound & fixed line means value for money and convenience.
  • 30 day contracts, bespoke solutions. Tiered discounts based on total spend means flexibility.
  • Plenty of face to face communications and personal touch. Corporate levels of service without the corporate price tag means simplicity.

Whether you want a telephone line or cloud telephone system, a broadband or high speed data network connecting multiple locations, or a virtual number or mobile SIM data back-up or M2M. Bringing the quality, value and service you need, along with our competitive discounts, we'll tailor a commercial solution to suit your business.  

We can help:

  • Businesses do more with less.
  • Helping to turn a cost centre into a profit centre. 
  • Helping people earn more & work less (and take back control of their time

‚ÄčFind out how we can help you today. Our team will listen to your needs and create a business solution tailored to you.