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Rightway Compliance Financial Crime Risk Management
Financial Crime Management Group Ltd
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13a High Street
I want to help owner businesses and regulated businesses reduce the impacts of fraud, cybercrime, bribery, corruption and money laundering.

What's Happening?

Business Description

We help organisations to maximise income and reduce costs by effectively managing the risks from financial crime (fraud, bribery and corruption, money laundering or terrorist financing). 

We can also ensure and evidence compliance with legal and regulatory requirements including modern slavery, GDPR and facilitation of tax evasion. We do this by ensuring that appropriate systems, processes and importantly people are in place. 

We believe that creating an ethical organisational culture of natural compliance is a positive shift for an organisation, with the potential to improve its sustainability and profitability – we offer a range of services to support you on your journey towards that culture.

Compliance Consultancy

We provide consultants to work face-to-face on ad hoc projects carrying out the following services for our clients:

> Independent audits, health checks and assurance
> Due diligence
> Incident Response and investigations
> Training and Workshops
> Risk Assessments
> Data Analytics
> Financial Crime Managed Service

Compliance Partnership

We can work on a retained basis to support clients developing and maintaining their own financial crime prevention processes. Our Compliance Partnership provides the client with unlimited access to our Fraud Management Resource Centre, we are available to support them in using these resources and we can provide any of the ad-hoc services outlined above if required.

Resources Only

For clients whose requirements can be met using our Fraud Management Resource Centre this self-service solution is available by annual subscription.