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Looking for companies & individuals that want to get value-add time back by applying structure, optimising process & eliminating unnecessary work

Business Description

I am passionate about supporting business owners, individuals and teams in identifying goals and equipping them with the tools to grow and thrive. We all have endless possibilities but sometimes it can be difficult to see what they are. I have a calm, approachable, open and supportive coaching style and by engaging in regular coaching you can positively impact not just your career but also your life by:
1) Establishing and taking action towards achieving goals with greater ownership & responsibility
2) Developing enhanced self-awareness and empowerment
3) Increasing the ability to identify solutions
4) Improvement in performance and goals
5) More effective communication

The main part of my career has been in the Investment Banking industry with a focus on business administration and process improvement. Throughout my almost 30 year career I had the privilege to be supported by some great leaders who believed in my abilities and provided me with the skill set I needed in order to develop my career to the point where I achieved the level of Managing Director in my last role. Now I want to take everything I've learnt and use my significant experiences to support others.

It's All Organised also provides business process improvement and organisational effectiveness support services. Applying Lean Six Sigma techniques and various tools, we focus on identifying opportunities for streamlining how businesses operate.  

We offer a fully collaborative service, working closely with business owners and SME's within organisations to build a solid understanding of current processes and methods of operation to identify areas for improvement or elimination of unnecessary tasks.

Effective business processes focussed on continuous improvement will result in:
- Automation of manual activities
- Work elimination
- More sharing of information and increased collaboration
- Clear roles and responsibilities that can be tracked
- Documentation of procedures
- Training of new procedures
- Reduction in organisational costs
- More time to focus on value add activities
- Structured control and monitoring to ensure processes remain fit for purpose and revised as appropriate

For an organisation to be productive and profitable, it's processes must be effective. An effective process is a process that produces the right results consistently.


Accreditations & Qualifications

Accredited MOE Foundation Coach

Accredited Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Practitioner