Ben Clifton, Credit Protection Association

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Credit Protection Association
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Credit Protection Association Credit and Debt Management
C/o 58 Marine Road West
Businesses who supply goods and services on credit who want to experience positive cashflow

Business Description

At The Credit Protection Association (CPA) we have over one hundred years experience in assisting businesses of all shapes and sizes - from sole traders to large multinationals - in all aspects of credit control, financial risk assessment and overdue account recovery. Whilst I am aware that many companies have strict and rigid credit control systems in place, CPA offer a cost efficient and effective time saving alternative. 
Here at The Credit Protection Association we provide what is accredited as the best financial status monitoring system on the market. This helps to ensure losses due to customer liquidation are prevented as our daily monitoring of your customers financial risk assessments provide early warnings as to when customers may be getting into difficulties, thus enabling you to act accordingly. 
Similarly with usage of our system enabling the recovery of monies from accounts that have exceeded their credit terms, the efficiency savings to your business from our holistic suite of products can only serve to boost your profitability. Every year we are instructed to recover over £250,000,000 on our members behalf, and achieve an 85% recovery rate within 18 working days. 
Importantly this is managed in a way that does not affect our members' relationship with their clients. However, should non payment continue and you wish to pursue a matter legally, we have a full litigation team on hand ready to assist you. 

My Recommendations

Wasting time chasing late payers... writing off bad debt... worrying about who to extend credit too... isn’t a problem my client has anymore, thanks to the service Ben has provided, they have seen an increase in profit and cash flow, allowing them to look at further confident growth.

from Peter Walmsley