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'I was introduced to Neil by my son just at the right time, or should I say in the nick of time.

My weight had gradually been spiralling upwards and I was being an ostrich whilst being very aware of the dangers I may face. The dangers then became real when my doctor explained my blood pressure was high and blood sugars were going towards danger level. The real worry for me, was that this could lead to the dreaded type 2 diabetes.

The introduction to Neil by my son, I think was a life saver……literally.

After an in-depth consultation with Neil with me being completely open honest and frank, I felt like a weight had lifted. Talking to Neil was so easy as he is totally non-judgemental, professional, understanding and listens to you. He is great at allaying fears you have and explained clearly the journey ahead. For me the light switched on and a cloud lifted when Neil explained how he would tailor a plan for me, getting away from the standard diets I had tried and failed on in the past. We worked together and he developed an achievable exercise and meal plan which has supported, educated, encouraged and grown with me throughout this incredible journey.

With the support and guidance from Neil I’ve shed over 3 stone in body weight, now enjoy regular exercise and have loads more energy. I’m in all round better health and most important of all my blood pressure and blood sugar levels are now normal. This is such a great feeling for me and I can’t recommend Neil enough to anybody who needs to re-look at their life style. With Neil’s expertise, knowledge, care and support you will find the journey and the experience a complete life changer.

Thank you Neil for everything.'

by Sandra Neale from Neil D’Silver (i-nutrition)

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