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Quantum R&D Tax Limited

Quantum R&D Tax Limited R & D Tax Relief Specialist
Wyche Innovation Centre
Walwyn Road
WR13 6PL

Business Description

What we do. . . 

Essentially we help you  complete an R&D Tax Credit  Claim and file it with HMRC on your behalf.   Assuming HMRC agree the claim,  you will either receive an amount back from them if you have already paid your Corporation Tax for the year, or if you haven't yet paid your corporation tax for that period the credit will be used against the  tax liability.  If the claim creates a loss for the period you  can either carry the loss forward against profits in the following years, or surrender the losses to HMRC in return for a cash payment. 
‚ÄčWhichever way you look at it, an R&D Tax Credit claim could help you pay less tax and give your business an injection of cash  to reinvest in your business!

My Recommendations

If anyone is looking for building up relationships in terms of Research and Development Tax Credits, Quantum is the place to go. Who wouldn't want a refund from HMRC after producing, inventing a product, or simply doing a project! Michael and his team are great, and with their expertise in accounting and technical backgrounds, they can bring a swift, professional resolution to your claim.

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Accreditations & Qualifications

Quantum R&D Tax Ltd is one of very few R&D Tax specialists accredited and regulated by ACCA, the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants