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Anyone struggling with digestive issues that's affecting their quality of life. And HR professional responsible for wellbeing in the workplace.

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I am passionate about helping women to understand they can take back control of their health, be more productive and achieve greater success by nourishing the body effectively.

21st Century life plays havoc with female health.  From toxins in our skin care, to lack of nutrients daily, and stress leading to IBS.  All of these put pressure on the intestine leading to poor sleep and fatigue, weight gain, poor immunity, lack of productivity, hormone imbalance and  sometimes compromised mental wellbeing.

At Sue Thomas Health and Wellbeing we help women to understand how to achieve greater energy levels, confidence, productivity and love of life by resetting the health of the intestine.  This leads to better sleep, greater mental clarity and wellbeing and hence more success in business.

I have a goal of helping more than 10,000 people take back control of their health, look and feel fantastic, and be more productive every day. Are you struggling with poor sleep, exhaustion, hormone imbalances or menopause, IBS and acid reflux, constant pain and migraines, chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia? Is this affecting how you function each day? Is it affecting your productivity levels and overall success in business? Is it affecting your quality of life? If you could fix anyone of these problems what would life be like for you?  Take a look at my Health Unlimited programme below, it might be the solution you are looking for.
I also coordinate a network of elite health coaches who aim to share good practice. We operate with passion, integrity, and ethics. We collaborate and work as a team adding real value to the service we offer our individual clients.  If you are in the wellness industry and need more support take a look at Synergy Elite Health.