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Business development consultant
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07766 917890
HR Consultants and Accountants that have clients in the Creative Industries (graphic & web design/dev, photography, video production, etc.)
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Are you a Creative or Expert whose ideas and enthusiasm has caused you to create a successful business, yet one that's exhausting to run and saps your time, creativity and passion?

If so, I can definitely help you to run your business profitably - using your natural strengths - while having more fun, time freedom and creative flow.

One example is a fire-fighting sound production studio owner who after working with me, freed up time to truly immerse himself in his creative work because he now has built structured freedom into his business and improved delegation. He told me that he can now focus on his creativity because he knows "the other stuff is being handled".

Another example is an easily distracted, extroverted freelance leadership development expert who loves variety. She told me that she "thought she had a business but realised that I didn't, I was just playing at it". 

She's delighted that she always knows what needs to be done next, without the overwhelm and niggles of all that stuff not getting done....

You might have felt the advice you're given just doesn't feel right for you. I've been there. 

As both a Creative (an actress) and a Coach I have experienced all of the above - got a whole wardrobe of t-shirts in fact! I now know that we each have our own blend of personality and strengths which means that there are specific strategies we can use for successful business development that feels natural.

After working with me clients:
- Have clarity about how to achieve their vision
- Can identify winning ideas and turn them into reality profitably
- Have a business structure and plan that enhances creativity, puts an end to feast and famine cycles and gives you your life back

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I took part in Una's 6 month business growth and coaching programme late 2015 for my business. Una really helped me focus on what I wanted in my business and ways to achieve it, that I've taken forward into other areas as well.

from Paul Cryer

I really cannot speak highly enough about Una. Not only is she a lovely and genuine person, she is an outstanding business coach. After just two sessions, the strategies she suggested made a massive impact on me and my business, and freed up two whole days a week for me to concentrate on growing my business. I urge any business owner, manager or director who wants more time, increased sales and better profit margins to get in touch with Una. Oh, and if you're too busy to see her, you need her more than you know! Thank you ever so much for your continuing support, enthusiasm, encouragement and for being you! You're simply outstanding!

from Tracy Heatley

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Accreditations & Qualifications

Wealth Dynamics & Talent Dynamics Performance Consultant

  • Accredited to Step 2 Level, to work with individuals and teams on Business Development and Growth, Teamwork and Strategic Planning
  • Also Master Trainer for Flow Consultants and Accreditor for Flow and Performance Consultants

BA (Hons) in Combined Business Studies - University of Leeds

Advanced Certificate in Marketing and Sales - Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM)