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by Tony Walsh

I have been a member of the Ribble Valley BoB club approximately fourteen months. The meetings are conducted in a very friendly manner, with a great networking atmosphere created by all the members which helps to build trust and aide the giving and receiving of referrals. The ten minute presentations are a great way of gaining an understanding of the members businesses.
Tracy is extremely passionate about the Business over Breakfast clubs which she leads from the front with enthusiasm and always has a smile on her face for the club members, which is nice to see so early in a morning.

by Annaliese Lamb

BoB clubs Northwest really works for us!! Not only have we secured business through the contacts at my group but also through the use of the online profile. Tracy is a great host of BoB clubs north west, she is professional, honest and good fun! A great asset to BoB clubs and she really helps to make our Networking meetings what they are. Thank you!

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