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Hazelton Mountford Ltd
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Hazelton Mountford Ltd Insurance Broker
4 Bank Street
To support businesses who either haven't reviewed their insurances for a while, unhappy with the current service or feel they are paying too much
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Business Description

Let’s face it, talking about Insurance is not on the priority list for many Business Owners, and the last thing you want to be doing is using your valuable time sorting your insurance. As the only registered Independent Chartered Insurance Broker in Worcestershire, let us do the hard work for you so you can get back to the most important thing to you, running your business.

By negotiating directly with underwriters and claims departments, we can ensure that you get the right policy, at the right price and claims are paid. Many big blue chip firms will only support certain insurers to earn preferential commission rates, but that means you have to ask, are they really working for you and who is paying for that extra income?

With over 50% of all businesses in the UK unknowingly at serious risk through under insurance, Hazelton Mountford help to protect your business against the unthinkable, advise on the possible and negate the risk of the probable.

We help you to make the right decisions about the specific insurance needs of your organisation and ensure the right levels of protection for your business.


Accreditations & Qualifications

The only registered Independent Chartered Insurance Broker in Worcestershire

I currently hold my Cert CII and will be working towards my Diploma through the coming years