Recommendations that Tracy Heatley has given

What an amazing day, Paul's 'Planning Day' was. Not only did it make sure that I took time out to work on the business, I met some wonderful people, too. The guest speaker was phenomenal, and Paul over delivered in terms on content and advice. I learnt new things and it also gave me a nudge to do the things that I knew I ought to be doing, but wasn't. I left with a clear three month plan and the motivation to get cracking! Thank you, Paul, it certainly was a day well spent!

by Mark Coppack

Thank you so much for a fast and efficient service when we needed it most. We're having an incredible summer, which is amazing, and you will never hear me say that it's too hot. However, one of our offices was unbelievably hot, and it was causing us a real problem. I spoke to you one day, about purchasing an air conditioning unit, and it arrived the following day! The advice you gave us was honest and right for us. Furthermore, you didn't try to sell us a larger more expensive unit that we didn't actually need! Thank you ever so much to you and your team for a truly outstanding service!

by Soren Jensen

It's amazing how a few coats of paint can transform your home and garden. Soren's team have recently painted the outside of my house, my fencing and bench, which were looking tired. I could not believe what a difference it made. Thank you for making my home look much better, and for getting my windows and doors prepared for another cold winter. Outstanding work at a reasonable price. I wouldn't think twice about recommending you to others. Thank you very much.

by Martin Rawstron

I have been to Martin's premises and the offices are amazing with spectacular view. Whilst I'm not in the market for new office premises, I wouldn't hesitate to move into Martin's building if I was. Some time ago, I gave Martin a referral for a friend of mine who was going travelling and needed storage space. My friend became a customer of Martin's for almost two years. The feedback I received on the standard of storage and customer service was outstanding. She particularly liked how safe she felt, as the storage was very secure and in doors, which is unusual for storage with 24 hour access. Thank you, Martin, for taking such good care of my friend and her belongings.

by Alison Driver

I cannot speak highly enough of Alison. I've used Alison's services at various times for a number of years. She is always honest, straight talking, professional and helpful. Thank you for a fantastic service.

by Rob Hallam

I can't speak highly enough about Rob and the team at Big Tank Productions. Not only is Rob approachable, funny, understanding, creative and very easy to get along with, his work is outstanding. I gave Rob the brief for my video. The filming of the video wasn't intrusive or uncomfortable, as I thought it may be. Every aspect of the video production was professional from start to finish. I couldn't believe it, when the video was finished, I didn't want to edit a single thing. It was perfect, just what I wanted. I highly recommend Big Tank Productions for first-class video production. Thank you, Rob.

by Simon Taylor

When Simon says, 'It's always a pleasure and never a chore', he truly means it. It's nice to know an IT professional who is a Geek at heart, but is great at communication, too. Nothing is ever a problem and you're the tidiest IT guy I know. Your OCD for tidy wiring is a rare quality! I would highly recommend Simon to anyone who wants expert advice and service from an IT professional who is down to earth, straight talking and knows what he's doing.

by Lee Hunt

I can't thank Lee enough. Not only did I get an exceptionally fast service, my laptop is now functioning much quicker and effectively. Thanks for upgrading the memory on my laptop and for the expert advice given on speeding it up, even further. I've heard other people talking about how good you are, but now I know for myself. I can't recommend you enough. I have complete faith in you and would highly recommend you to others. Thanks, Lee.

by Martin Lane

Martin has done my will and I've referred him onto family members, too, who have had their will's done by Martin. I can wholeheartedly recommend Martin. The customer service is spot on and I like that the fact that he came out to visit me, explained everything in plain English and explained how the decisions I made could impact my family in the future. Thank you for an outstanding service.

by Alison Driver

I recently gave Alison a referral to one of my members at another BoB Club. He in turn, recommended Alison onto a client of his, and this is what he said....

My client contacted me extremely concerned about a particular employee that was causing significant unrest within his business. The employee believed he was in the right, and my client would have to live with his attitude!! Alison, contacted my client and very quickly put his mind at rest that there were things that could be done and she was able to advise him in a thorough, professional manner but with a commercial outlook to enable my client to resolve the issue to his complete satisfaction.

Thanks Alison.

by Nicola Bailey

Due to the effects of a recent car accident, I was unable to clean properly so, as a temporary measure, I called upon Bright & Beautiful to clean my house while I was recuperating. Not only do they do a fantastic job, they are always on time, trustworthy and friendly. Having got used to coming home from work to a beautifully clean house, I'm not sure I ever want to let them go. Thank you for everything!

by John Friend

I have just started to use John's mentoring service, and after just one session, I feel even more organised and motivated. John listened intently and made relevant suggestions when necessary. The biggest benefit, to me, is to publically commit to someone else specifically what I will do and by when. Not only does this provide even greater motivation, it makes certain that I focus on my business, instead of within it, so I can drive my business forward to a good pace. Thanks, John. I look forward to working you over the months to come. I highly recommend John's mentoring service to any business owner or director, who wants the benefit of experience and professionalism to help them elevate their business to the next level.

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