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DA Training & Performance
Member of the Redditch BoB Club

DA Training & Performance Training/Sports Coaching
Individuals that want to challenge themselves both physically and mentally that want to excel their training/performance.

Business Description

Passionate, determined and ambitious are three words that I would use to describe myself, three traits that are going to help you realise what you are capable of achieving. If you want somebody to count your reps for you and constantly pat you on the back to tell you you are amazing then you will need to look elsewhere. I can empathise with you however I am straight talking when it comes to you achieving your goals, its black and white, its yes or no, its you have or you haven’t.
But it's not just you on this journey, it's both of us. You see when you decide to train with me, we enter a mutual partnership of commitment and direction. I will give you as much of my skills and knowledge as you reciprocate the same in commitment and effort therefore we win together or we lose together.

The learning process never stops and so I am always investing in myself to go to performance and/or rehabilitation conferences, talk to more experienced coaches and improve my academic knowledge to piece all together to be able to apply the most up to date research to athlete, general population, injured or non-injured but more so focusing on an individual as a healthy human before anything else because without that, what have you got?


Accreditations & Qualifications


Among the qualifications Dan has obtained and courses he has undertaken are:

  • BSc (Hons) Strength & Conditioning - Staffs University

  • Level 3 Personal Trainer.

  • Crossfit Level 1.

  • Eleiko Level 1 Weightlifting.

  • British Weightlifting course

  • Kettlebell Instructor course.

  • Powerbag Instructor course.