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What's Happening?

Business Description

Your Wellbeing Hub is a mental health training provider. We help people deeply understand mental health so they can empower themselves and others to lower stress, feel supported and live more happily.

We deliver relevant, engaging, practical and skills based courses. Our flagship offering is the MHFA England Mental Health First Aid courses, both public and in-house courses, in-person and online. We also write and deliver bespoke Mental Health Awareness training courses, for example, Mental Health Awareness for Line Managers.

Individuals learn top tips on how to promote positive mental wellbeing for themselves as well as increase knowledge, confidence and skills to identify early warning signs of a mental health issue and start a supportive and non-judgmental conversation with someone. Our courses remove the worry from having mental health conversations. Nothing makes us happier than being on people's learning journey about mental health.

From a consultancy perspective, we support businesses with their strategy for introducing Mental Health First Aiders at work as well as the bigger picture of shifting culture. For us it's about working towards achieving mentally healthy workplaces.

My work has brought me into contact with many organisations including those in the Entertainment, Financial Services, Construction, Insurance and Communications industries as well as third sector organisations. Specialise in working with Construction, Engineering and Technical firms.

Personally, I am interested in taking trips up to London, playing the piano, playing netball, dancing, walking, singing and spending quality time with close family.

Accreditations & Qualifications

Youth 2 day MHFA  (September 2020)
2 day Foundation in Life Coaching with The Coaching Academy (January 2020)
Adult Refresher MHFA qualified (November 2019)
Adult 1/2 day MHFA qualified (April 2019)
Adult 1 day MHFA qualified (October 2018)
Adult 2 day MHFA qualified (December 2017) Approved by the Royal Society of Public Health
Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resources Management (CIPD, 2013)
Certificate in Personnel Practice (CIPD, 2010)
Bachelor of Science in Sport Science with Education and Employment Studies, 2.1 (2007)