Muhammad Ibrahim, Broadband9 LTD

Broadband9 LTD I.T. Services
Prinny Mill Business Centre
68 Blackburn Road
I would love to speak to growing businesses who want to centralise their PCS and company files. We also provide Hardware and internet services.

Business Description

Here at Broadband9 we provide IT Solutions and Computer networking equipment for Businesses in Lancashire and the North West.

We have clients for IT Support in Manchester as well as the surrounding areas.

Some of the things we cover are:

👨‍💻 Remote & On-site IT Support
💻 Hardware Support
☁ Microsoft Office 365 Provisioning
📶 Internet connectivity & Networks Installation
🔐 Anti-virus and Security
📞 3CX VOIP Telephone Systems
🕸 Website Hosting
📤 Windows and Linux Servers
🔍 Advanced Monitoring of IT

Accreditations & Qualifications


3cx Advanced Certified

Acronis Certified

Sophos Certified