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Wylie's Fitness Personal Training
40 kirkhill avenue
Looking for people who want to transform there physical results, mindset and overall health and fitness knowledge.

Business Description

Personal trainer, Online fitness coach, Rossendale, Lancashire 

I've been the business owner of Wylie's Fitness and helping people work towards a healthier and happier lifestyle for over 9 years. It's a passion of mine to help clients transform physically but also mentally so that they can implement the things I teach them in to every day life. 

I have now opened my own personal training studio from my home in Haslingden which is a top of the range gym and enables me to do one to one or small group personal training sessions. Working with people face to face is something I really have a passion for and enjoy building relationships with a very varied clients in terms of age, gender and personalities.

Online coaching

Since 2020 I opened up an online side to my business through a personalised coaching app. On here clients have individual profiles where they have programmed workouts, nutrition and habits all to follow. The app has been a game changer for my business as it's allowed me to work with people all over the world. Currently I work with people in Australia, Dubai and Qatar. 

The online side has gone from strength to strength and I've really had some amazing results in this side of my business. It's an area I'm looking to continue to develop and keep it getting better and better over time. 

The major benefits to it are time and location. As it's all based on an app and programmed it gives clients real flexibility to make it work around them. They can complete the workouts at times and days that suits them rather than having to match a time to get a PT slot. 

Building a community is something I've worked hard to do over the years and I have a private group for all my clients wether online or in person. This allows me to create a thriving community where I can educate and develop people to make it more than just a client / coach realationship.