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Household Utilities Consultant helping customers who want a better deal on their services. Our company is recommended by Which? magazine

Business Description

We offer a range of services to help you manage your accounts at home. Have all your bills consolidated on to one simple monthly bill. You'll save money, guaranteed. And The benefit of a Cash Back Card, that gives you more savings, every time you shop, or spend money.

I am looking for Residential and small business owners who would like to get a better deal on their household utilities.

Or their services at work.

With our unique Cashback card you could even have a minus bill at the end of the month. Imagine that, you use all the services and when it comes to your bill, you get a credit paid into your bank.  

Accreditations & Qualifications

If you've heard of Which? magazine then you will not be surprised to know, that the company has just received another award for great service and value.

Utility Warehouse have just been awarded four more awards for outstanding service.