Nicholas PatonPhilip, Nicholas Offers Life Coaching

10 Lyndhurst Drive
To work with individuals who are facing new challenges, feeling they need a change of direction and who want to have a conversation about their plans

Business Description

The type of coaching I am offering is one to one Life Coaching and the particular model is the transformative model.

It is important to understand that coaching differs from mentoring, counselling or therapy. It is about having a collaborative conversation and building up a partnership with the person being coached. The focus is on the present and how to achieve a future goal.

As a practitioner, I am governed by Internation Coach Federation Code of Ethics, including professional conduct, confidentiality and continuing professional development. See

The model of coaching that I am following is one which usually spans over a 6 month period, with sessions lasting an hour on a monthly basis and follows this format:

  1.   An initial chemistry meeting is usually done face to face. This gives me the opportunity to explain the details of the process and to answer any questions the potential coachee might have.
  2.  If the person is happy to engage, then the person will sign a coaching agreement as well as a consent form. This will clarify the timing of sessions, the issue of payment and cancellation policy.
  3. A date will then be set for the first coaching session. Normally these are conducted via Zoom, a free computer based communication application. There is always the option to meet face to face if desired.
  4. There are various resources which may be use to aid the coachee in deciding what area of their current life they wish to focus on, such as the Wheel of Life or Wheel of Work. From this, he/she will be supported in setting an initial “inspirational goal”
  5. Some structure is offered in the initial sessions, so that together we can begin to identify what step by step actions the coachee commits to, in order to achieve their inspirational goal.
  6. The final two sessions begin to look at how the coachee can sustain the work they have embarked on and also gives them the opportunity to reflect on the coaching process as a whole.



Accreditations & Qualifications

Completed the Certificate in Professional Coaching Practice and assessed and qualified as a Level 1 Coach by Full Circle Development Consultancy Ltd, which is affiliated to the International Coach Federation