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Moves Matter Ltd
77 Burge Meadow
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Business owners wanting help growing their business value, marketing & selling their business.

What's Happening?

Business Description

I help business owners achieve the maximum exit value by building lasting relationships with clients to grow their businesses through performance & profit improvements.

Our clients frequently say they wished they'd started planning earlier to maximise the business value. Feedback received is "they would have liked to have started our relationship sooner as there's trust, transparency, respect and accountability between us both".

The feedback led to the expansion of our companies services. We are proud Regional Partners with Business Partnership and we help clients sell their business, With Moves Matter Ltd, the services provided enable the whole Business Exit Planning journey to take place at the earliest opportunity, these are:

Assessing - As a Certified Value Builder Coach utilising the statistically proven Value Builder System, business owners can increase the valuation of their business by 71%.

Improving – As a Quantum Leap Program Adviser, clients have access to low cost / no cost strategies to easily implement that will enable them to achieve their best year ever in business. Implementation leads to improved revenue, increased profits and reduction in time stress from running the business.

Marketing – As the owner of Business-Partnerships Somerset & Devon regional office, our clients businesses receive the appropriate & targeted marketing campaigns to maximise exposure for selling.

Selling – Being a part of the Business-Partnership group selling businesses up to £5M in value, clients enjoy not having to deal with enquirers and negotiations safe with the knowledge that I handle all aspects of selling a business to enabling them to focus on their day to day operation. 

Specialities: #BusinessExitPlanning | #GrowRevenue | #IncreaseProfits | #ReduceTimeStress | #ValueMyBusiness | #SellMyBusinesses

If you are interested in learning more about how I can help you, please give me a call on 07980 915676 or email me at

Take a look at my website movesmatterltd to learn more about the business and myself.