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Helping small business owners take control of the everyday challenges of running a business.

What's Happening?

Business Description

The Business Tamer is here to help small business owners who are juggling the everyday challenges of running a business.  No one sets up in business to get bogged down by the necessary but tedious business essentials such as data protection, social media, customer feedback - the list can go on and on!

With nearly 30 years' experience working in large corporates and now running my own successful business, I understand the challenges of what it means to be a business owner and how easy it is to be consumed by the process of running a business.

The Business Tamer is here to help you simplify and control the everyday challenges in your business, making sure that you can concentrate on what's really important to you.

What people say:

"Our experience of working with Judith is that she makes the complicated, uncomplicated."

"I would highly recommend Judith.  She is a delight to work with, simplifies the complicated and takes the hassle out of the jobs you may not like doing."

"Had a fantastic experience. Explained simply enough for me to understand and very informative."

My Recommendations

Judith Andrews came into our office when Lucy and myself knew absolutely nothing about GDPR. She has since educated us and made us completely compliant. This would not have been possible without the knowledge and skills shown by Judith throughout the process. She came into our office that was as far from compliance as possible and transformed us to where we are now. I cannot thank her enough for her professional and amazing service. My desk is now clear!!!

from Peter Bishop

Judith helped us with GDPR readiness support in our two businesses. Throughout the project, Judith was highly professional and efficient, while navigating us through what felt like a complex and stressful hurdle to overcome.

By using a clever system of questionnaires, Judith was able to ascertain the business’s needs, its contact points with clients and identify any gaps in policies which needed addressing, before providing support in creating those policies. Judith’s fees for this work are very reasonable, refreshing at a time when the GDPR deadline was seen as an opportunity to quote exorbitant charges.

I also referred Judith to several of our most valued clients and the feedback from all was the same; they were delighted with Judith’s support and relieved to have someone so efficient to help them through their GDPR reviews.

from Paul Carter