Andy Schleider, Utility Warehouse Discount Club

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Utility Warehouse Discount Club

Utility Warehouse Discount Club Mobile, Gas, Electricity & other services
Tunbridge Wells
I'd like to speak to financial advisers, mortgage advisers and will writers

Business Description

Utility Warehouse is not just about gas and electricity; it's so much more.  That's why it's called Utility Warehouse Discount Club.

Will your utility provider try to persuade you to spend less money with them by replacing all of your lightbulbs with the latest energy efficent LED lightbulbs for free? They use 15 times less energy than traditional lightbulbs and can save you around 11% on your electricity bill.

Will they reduce your bill when you go shopping?

If you have an issue or query do you have the name of a person who can help, and do you have their contact telephone number?

For the convenience of a single bill and a friendly local contact, please give me a call or email

My Recommendations

Andy did a great job in showing me the benefits of becoming a member of the Utility Warehouse club. He is knowledgable, friendly and informative. Their really is a lot to gain and nothing to lose by switching.

Many thanks Andy

from Michael Holman