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Ruth Ferreira Coaching Business, Career & Life Coach
9 Southfields
Tunbridge Wells
I'd love referrals to ambitious individuals who are looking to take their success to the next level in their business or career.

Business Description

Hi, I'm Ruth Ferreira, business career and life coach. 

I help you to get from where you are to where you want to be.

I work with high performing individuals who are looking to get results, and want to invest in themselves to make it happen. I'm passionate about helping people unlock their potential and enjoy the knock on benefits of this increased success.

Imagine your business or career were hugely successful - what does it look like? What does it mean in terms of profit, annual sales, or your client base? What have you achieved? And what has this success enabled in your personal life for you and your family? How do you spend your time? Where are you living and what car are you driving?

My role is to help you get crystal clear on exactly what you want to achieve, and then strategise on the best way to get you there. I've been described as a catalyst for results.

I work one on one with individuals, providing a structured thinking space to draw out a clear picture of what success looks like to them in whatever area of their business, career or life, then help them to innovate the most effective way to get there, and break it down into small, achievable steps. 

Coaching works on the basis that you as the coachee already have the answers inside of you - my role is simply to ask questions and draw out the insight, innovation and lightbulb moments. Where relevant, and with your permission, I might make suggestions.

You will be amazed at the solutions and game plan we can achieve in just one session, and blown away by the results you will see as we work together over a few months. It is going to take some hard work - both in our sessions and implementing afterwards - but the results will be worth it.

Think back to that picture of your perfect life ... imagine where you could be 6 months from now! 

I typically work with high performing individuals - those who are looking to excel and make an impact in their field. Whether you're a serial entrepreneur, a city professional, or working in creative industries, I have already helped someone just like you on their path to success.

Coaching sessions are strictly confidential and non-judgmental. My role is to help you take responsibility for and ownership of your goals and actions, and to give you the space to explore ideas and options in a safe, solution-focused environment. I will help build your confidence in yourself, and help you learn from your mistakes. In coaching, failure is seen as a good thing as we can learn from it and make changes to move towards success. I will  challenge you to stretch yourself and encourage you to see yourself, not as you are, but as you could be. I will help you to view problems from new perspectives and to commit to taking the action, and doing the work, to move towards your goal.

Sessions and time scale are tailored to individual requirements and I am happy to discuss bespoke packages for both individuals and businesses. 

Please drop me an email if you would like further information or to book your free Discovery Call.


My Recommendations

Ruth is very professional and motivational and her commercial background has been a benefit to my business

from Danny Kitchener