Dean Beaver, Team Beaver Strength & Conditioning

Team Beaver Strength & Conditioning Physical Education Consultancy
33 Hillside Road
Looking those who want to improve sporting performance, are recovering from injury, entering a career with fitness requirements, want to get fitter

What's Happening?

Business Description

Team Beaver Strength & Conditioning is the culmination of my lifetimes worth of passion for participating in and promoting the benefits of sport and exercise. Having successfully undertaken an undergraduate degree in Sport Science and a masters degree in Strength and Conditioning my coaching practice is strongly underpinned by my scientific knowledge, this knowledge and understanding is complimented by 11 years of lecturing on a Physical Education degree programme. The combination of my academic and vocational experience enables me to provide a holistic service to my clients which I believe to be unique within this field, supporting my clients attainment of their goals through well prepared and delivered training programmes.

Accreditations & Qualifications


Foundation Degree in Science - Sport Health & Fitness (University of Surrey)

Bachelor of Science with First Class Honours - Sport Science (University of Surrey)

Master of Science - Strength & Conditioning (St Marys University)


Society of Education Consultants - Fully Accredited Education Consultant (Physical Education Consultant)