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of the Year 2018

Broadband recommended October 2018

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Our Utility services are recommended by Which? magazine
We provide your household utilities all on one bill, and our Cashback card is so easy to use

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My Recommendations

I would recommend Mike without hesitation. Very helpful and informative about the products and services, without the pushy sales! Needless to say I am a customer too!

from Ian Worthington

Anyone who is hesitant about switching energy suppliers - don't be.
Utility Warehouse are brilliant. They will save you money and are positive and polite at all times. Switching all my utilities was painless. Mike Broom and his team are an absolute pleasure to work with.

from Graham Cartwright

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Guaranteed Savings - plus LED light bulbs - for ever - FREE
Training by Telecom Plus PLC

Which? Recommended Utility Brand 2018
Which? Best for Broadband... October 2018

Regulated by OFCOM
Licensed by OFGEM

Which? magazine Top rated Energy supplier since surveys began

  • Which? Utility Brand of the year 2018
  • Which? Recommended Provider for Broadband & Phone Services 2017
  • Which? Recommended Provider for Mobile Phone provider 2017
  • The Utility Warehouse ranked one of the best Energy suppliers every year since 2008
  • Surveys include quality of products, customer service, value for money, and accuracy of bills 

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According to Which? - we are the best in the market