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HJR Tax Ltd Capital Allowances Taxation Consultant

Business Description

HJR Tax was set up to assist smaller businesses and commercial property investors unlock the tax savings in their properties. 

Having led sales teams for market leading capital allowances firms, the directors identified that a large part of the market was overlooked for capital allowances claims because the cost of preparing a claim significantly outweighed the immediate tax savings available.

Teaming up with consultants in taxation and surveying from across the UK, who have worked for global firms preparing claims for capital allowances for many of UK’s leading companies, HJR Tax have a business model that makes claiming capital allowances cost effective for commercial property owners.

Our consultants have a wealth of experience in preparing capital allowances claims and agreeing them with HMRC, with a 100% success rate to date.  Our well established process enables claiming capital allowances too be a hassle free and extremely valuable for our clients.

Whilst claims for capital allowances on commercial properties are the core of our business, our tax specialists are able to provide advice on a whole range of land and property related tax issues, regularly assisting property owners and developers obtain the most tax efficient structure for their business or investments

Why Choose Us?

HJR Tax have all the necessary skills to provide a full capital allowances services to our clients.  We concentrate on making the process swift and simple for property owners whilst also maximising the value of their claim.

We take UK tax legislation very seriously and do not promote any tax saving schemes.  We carry out a process of due diligence on a property and the tax payer to ensure the claim is compliant with capital allowances legislation.  We support you to agree the claim, where necessary, with HMRC (included in our fee).        

Having prepared and submitted claims for capital allowances to HMRC over the past 10 years, our team have developed a blueprint capital allowances report that minimises the need for HMRC enquires.  This results in quick repayments of overpaid tax and happy clients!

Most importantly, HJR Tax offer a RISK FREE service.  We DON’T CHARGE any fixed or upfront fees.  Our fees are based on a percentage of the capital allowances we identify and you only pay them if a claim is successful!  Furthermore, our business model allows us to charge fees at less than 50% of our competitors, making capital allowances claims affordable for all.