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babelmonkey Ltd Digital Marketing & Training
14 Regent Square
DA17 6EP help you create an online presence you can be proud of and that will help generate sales for your business

Business Description

babelmonkey takes away the headache and frustration you feel when you consider social media marketing. But we're not only about social media. We're here to help you create an online presence you can be proud of. 

Social media marketing is a great way of managing your online reputation, establishing your brand, your message, and showcasing your products and services. Google looks to third party platforms to see where else you're generating engagement and social media is a great way of ticking that box. To maximise the impact, you really want to augment these activities with regular blog updates for your website. Having new, relevant and interesting items on your blog tickles Google pink, too, and the two combined are great for giving your website a boost in Google's organic search listings. 

Sitting alongside your social media and blog activities, an email marketing campaign works nicely allowing you to be in regular contact with people who have either bought from you previously or who have shown interest in what you do. This can take many forms: a bi-monthly newsletter or a weekly e-shot with vouchers, discount codes, announcements or a round-up of the latest events and news your customers would find interesting. It could be, you're launching a new product or service and want to do a one-off e-shot to introduce it to your database. More people open their email every day (usually several times per day) than log into their social media - so as a sales tool, it can be enormously successful.

From time to time, ad hoc copy might be needed - whether it's a press release, copy for a new or updated website, or descriptions of new products or services. With extensive experience writing copy for websites, we can help!

So, don't get bogged down, trying to work out what to post on social media each day, worrying about which social media platforms you should have a presence on, stressing over what the next blog should be about and finding the time to write it. Don't waste a great opportunity to tell the world about your latest product line or addition to your services. Let babelmonkey deal with it so you can get on with the business of doing business!

Accreditations & Qualifications

babelmonkey Ltd is a member of the Federation of Small Businesses.