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Utility Warehouse
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Utility Warehouse Mobile, Gas, Electricity & other services
I would like to connect with people looking to pay less on Utility bills, along with anyone looking to build an additional income alongside their

Business Description

My role with Utility Warehouse. . . 

I’m a proud partner with Utility Warehouse which is a wonderfully unique Discount Club.

I am passionate about helping people and businesses, save hundreds of pounds each year on their boring old utility bills. We cover gas, electric, landline, broadband, mobiles and much more. All condensed into one itemised bill, once a month, making budgeting easier. 

It's FREE to join, and our award winning customer service team take care of everything. 

I arrange short appointments at home or elsewhere. and simply explain how it works, how much you would save each month, and what extras one can expect should they choose to switch. 

It really is worth a look.



Are you or your family ready to save money on your utility bills?