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Karen Baughan NLP Transformational Coach
B61 8UA
I am looking to clients who want help in breaking free from negative patterns and leading a more confident life. I also offer a FREE Initial

What's Happening?

Business Description

Remove the obstacles to your success

I hear people all the time saying if only "I Could" be successful, have confidence, have good self-esteem, get rid of my negative thoughts, etc.

That's where Karen Baughan's Coaching comes into play, I can remove those obstacles that are holding you back whether that be at work or in your private life whatever your age.

One of my clients says, Karen Provides the tools and the knowledge to help you create the life you want, I am just unable to get my head around why I did not book sooner with Karen.


Contact me for a FREE 60-minute consultation over coffee.


www.karenbaughannlp.co.uk or email karen@karenbaughannlp.co.uk


My Recommendations

Karen is an exceptional character and people can benefit from her enthusiastic mindset and interest in helping others. On top of that she is an expert NLP trainer and will spend the time understanding what is holding you back.
I highly recommend Karen.

from Richard Frazer

Accreditations & Qualifications

NLP Practitioner Certificate 

Hypnotherapy Practitioner Certificate

Time Line Therapy Certificate 

NLP Master Practitioner Certificate

Hypnotherapy Master Practitioner Certificate

Time Line Therapy Master Practitioner Certificate

NLP Trainer Trainer